The two initiate dating and you can Chris Traeger means that they is ok having Jerry Gergich

Within the “Ron and you may Tammys”, Chris Traeger helps Ann Perkins capture a health-related PSA. Their devotion to make it prime, shooting take shortly after take, reminds Ann Perkins of some out of the woman explanations never to big date your.

Inside “Pawnee Rangers”, Chris Traeger match Jerry Gergich’s child Millicent Gergich. Jerry Gergich claims he is good to the a couple of them relationship, much so you’re able to Chris Traeger’s delight. Chris Traeger and Millicent Gergich wade with her in order to April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer’s Halloween party, which have Chris Traeger dressing up since Sherlock Holmes, his favourite profile. Just after Chris Traeger starts to eliminate contact with Millicent Gergich, he enlists Donna Meagle, Ann Perkins, and you may a hesitant Jerry Gergich to greatly help him. Ann Perkins says to him that he is too available and requirements in order to back off a little bit. From inside the “Bowling having Votes, Millicent Gergich terminates the relationship, leaving him disheartened.When you look at the “Process Ann”, Leslie Knope convinces Chris Traeger that he is nonetheless good likeable people and therefore the guy is disregard Millicent Gergich’s view. This appears to perk Chris Traeger, however in “Dave Production”, Chris Traeger learns Tom Haverford’s reference to Ann Perkins and has one minute out of thinking-realisation when he faces Tom Haverford regarding it. In the same occurrence, whenever Andy Dwyer asks Chris Traeger in order to sing getting your (since the he could be being employed as a support vocalist with the Andy Dwyer’s venture tune on the strategy), the guy sings “Capture Myself Over to golf ball Game” out of tune and with the completely wrong lyrics, resulting in everyone else here to help you cringe.

Seasons 5

For the 12 months five, Chris Traeger nonetheless working as Pawnee’s City manager. His depression is kept at bay using constant coaching that have a great counselor, Dr. Richard Nygard.

Ann Perkins asks Chris Traeger getting the daddy off the woman guy through within the vitro fertilization. He could be reluctant in the beginning and you can transforms so you can Ben Wyatt and you can anybody else to aid him come to a decision. Just after “Bailout”, the guy tells Ann Perkins he could be the father and you will both begin child-rearing compatibility comparison observe how well it will work as well as raising a child. During “Jerry’s Retirement”, they generate an article-coital choice in order to resume a connection, but Ann Perkins is not certain that they want to keep the relationships the way they are actually.

Year six

In the seasons half a dozen, Ann Perkins and you can Chris Traeger try excited about the prospect regarding are mothers. They’re going observe Dr. Saperstein, who is Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and you will Mona Lisa Saperstein’s dad, to have an ultrasound in which profily woosa he gives them some papers affect the brand new gender of their child. New suspense gets to him or her, and discover it. Although not, they cannot read it. Dr. Saperstein arranges other meeting and reveals that they are having a beneficial son.

Ann Perkins and you will Chris Traeger propose to hop out Pawnee to raise the youngster when you look at the Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chris Traeger hands over their jobs just like the City-manager to help you Ben Wyatt.

Into the ‘Ann and you may Chris’, a disappearing cluster was thrown in their mind, including the main public vacations all year long. Chris Traeger enjoys wishing careful, customized merchandise for all of one’s males in the Parks Agency, which leaves her or him feeling accountable. At the end of this new occurrence, Ann Perkins and you will Chris Traeger quote an effective tearful goodbye on the nearest and dearest and then leave for Michigan.

During the “Galentine’s Go out”, Ann Perkins gives birth on their boy, Oliver Perkins Traeger. Ann Perkins states Chris Traeger is instance a good birthing coach the nurses expected your to assist with another beginning that is happening in the medical.