Later one to big date, Urahara formally lead himself on the twelfth Department

Once efficiently passageway his test, which was checked by the Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Retsu Unohana and you may Ginrei Kuchiki, [12] the guy turned the captain of your 12th Department [13] and you can achieved Hikifune’s lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki, given that his or her own. The guy came across specific opposition out-of Hiyori, which, declining to simply accept him, quoted the girl displeasure that have Chief Hikifune’s abrupt deviation and his awesome reputation as a former next Section user. Urahara, chuckling it well, told her he previously come produced the master of your own twelfth Section, hence he had decided this is the newest role however gamble after that. He was not a member of the 2nd Department, of course she had a challenge, it absolutely was hers to switch. Hiyori continued so you’re able to kick your in the vagina, hence didn’t apply at him whatsoever. [14] Next nights, Captain Shinji Hirako, reached Urahara, advising him as to why Hiyori are giving him difficulties, then gave your advice on how exactly to most readily useful begin being a captain. He mentioned he might give Urahara was not the sort whom does what other people tell him. Shinji told me he believed Urahara try a questionnaire same as your, so the guy just need to meddle in the own business. [15]

At the a department appointment, Urahara told me which he had made a decision to alter the rules out-of the brand new 12th Division, however, had yet , to determine what thing to do the guy envision will be a great part in their mind. Hiyori, becoming more and more annoyed on hearing he was however thinking about it, assaulted your. not, the guy enjoy her to hit him whilst never to embarrass the lady ahead of the other division members. [16] The next day, Hiyori, visiting the newest captain’s chamber, turned into angry at the just how Urahara got altered the bedroom from its previous state. As he attempted to peaceful the girl down, Hiyori assaulted him once again. Brushing it aside, he requested the lady to go with your for the Colony off Maggots. [17]

Hiyori attempted to stop your from the deal with, however, Urahara exhibited their he might avoid brand new assault

On the road to the brand new Colony out-of Maggots, Urahara explained to this lady regarding Detention Product, what will happen to people less than its jurisdiction, and reason for the brand new Colony of Maggots. From inside the facility, Urahara shared with her men and women detained contained in this cannot log off, but that they were still 100 % free in facility. He informed this lady to be careful, just like the prisoners may become criminal. Urahara explained you to definitely though the members of the latest facility was in fact maybe hazardous, he had constantly thought, considering a suitable outlet, they could route its power into the things more successful. Whenever among inmates tried to attack Hiyori, Urahara eliminated your bare-passed, noting you to firearms were not let from inside the business. [18] So it encouraged additional inmates so you’re able to assault, but Urahara with ease took away all their attackers. [19] Afterwards, the pair decided to go to the fresh telephone of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who Urahara asked in the event the he wanted to hop out the Nest out of Maggots to join him on twelfth Office. [20] Urahara informed me one in the potential once the captain of your own 12th Division, he had i Browse and Creativity Institute, and then he wished him becoming its Vice-President. [21]

She challenged him so you can a battle, he recognized for the position that they challenge unarmed

Nine decades later on, Urahara was told through Shinji and you can Lieutenant Sosuke Aizen about a great group of unusual disappearances which had happened for the Rukongai, and that the 9th Section are exploring. [22] Urahara later attempt and make an alternate variety of Gigai to balance out this new disappearing souls. Whenever detailing so it so you can Hiyori, these were interrupted of the arrival regarding Todo Izaemon, which relayed Chief Kensei Muguruma’s desires one to a specialist be delivered on the investigation website Bu web sitesine git. Urahara certain a reluctant Hiyori to undertake the job. [23] After you to night, when he hears your Reiatsu of research group got vanished, Urahara, hurrying on the lab, expected a specialist in which Hiyori was. Whenever she said Hiyori had currently kept, the guy hurried back away and showed up late at a crisis captains conference. Fearing on her behalf safeguards, Urahara expected to go to the site himself, however, are declined by the Head-Leader Yamamoto. [24] Urahara afterwards went anyway, playing with a unique particular Reiatsu-hiding cloak to cover up themselves. Urahara are saw because of the Tessai Tsukabishi, just who inserted your on the browse. [25]