There’s no better time to revisit your communal future than your anniversary. Your anniversary is a special day, but there’s not a day a hot soak doesn’t improve. Celebrating an anniversary milestone is enormously important to the health of any relationship. It’s not enough just to remember your anniversary, though that is a necessary condition, you have to mark the occasion.

Sometimes, the weather isn’t good enough to spend time outside, or you simply want to have private time together indoors. Skip the traditional floral bouquet and give your girlfriend an adorable rose teddy bear instead. It’s such a unique gift idea and sure to make her smile as you celebrate your 1st anniversary. If you want to show how much you love her, but need a little help expressing yourself, this Why I Love You Book is the perfect gift idea. Each page features fill-in-the-blank questions for you to answer to show your girlfriend just how much you appreciate her.

Trust is one of the most difficult things for any new couple to deal with. Gaining trust in a relationship usually takes a long time. If you’re both happy with each other, talking about the future should be easy and enjoyable. Every relationship is different and every couple has a different story to tell. You’ve been dating this special someone for a year now. Things are going great, I assume, since you’re still together.

We know the message pills but there is something elating about this gadget which dispenses digital love notes. You could literally have the greeting printed in the mug for an annual memento or you can also print exclusive jokes or love affirmations for her. Absolutely perhaps nothing that seems warmer than a true love exactly who keeps the flame of appreciate kindled in your cardio.

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Happy first anniversary to my adorable girlfriend. It seemed like yesterday when it all started, but here we are. Thanks for making each other laugh so hard and radiating positivity all around you. Dear brother and sister in law happy first anniversary. May you continue to nourish, love, cherish and honor one another for all the years to come. So, you are actually married and today it marks one year?

Aside from being thoughtful, it is also one way of making her feel that you are sensitive to her stress and general well-being. It is literally for her eyes only, making the experience with this gift more intimate and very personal. This is another simple but very thoughtful gift which you can give your girlfriend on your first anniversary. If laughing is one of your favorite things to do together, you should totally give your girlfriend a funny mug.

You can celebrate any day in your relationship that was memorable and special. You don’t need validation from the internet to celebrate your love or appreciate the beautiful girl who is there by your side through all the crossings of life. Wine glasses are indispensable stemware and a fine choice for an anniversary gift for your loved one. Rather than going with your regular wine goblets, bring out these copper wine stems at the next party you host together. Your guests will be super impressed, mark my words.

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This gorgeous ply wood mini photo frames are beautifully personalized with the names of your choice along with your favorite hashtag. This Moments To Treasure Magnet Frame Decoration has a touch of vintage with a modern twist! The frame comes with magnets making it perfect for attaching in your home.

Choose a monogram style to go at the top and her to-do lists and doodles will never look more chic. Unlike birthday or Christmas gifts, your anniversary is just between the two of you, so you can be as cheeky or suggestive as you want. This playful print will bring a touch of aesthetic flair to her bathroom space, and you have several different frame styles to choose from. For the anniversary gift, it can be anything from a trip to the movies or dinner at a nice restaurant, or even a romantic night out on the town. You want to make a fun shirt for your wife; then this is by far one of the coolest items you can buy.

We promised to love and never to leave each other, and here we are! You are the perfect definition of happiness, joy, and everything good in one. Thank you for always coming through for your baby.

What to Look for in a First Anniversary Gift

But the best 1-year anniversary gifts are embedded with meaning. Paper gifts can be personalized in so many ways, with newly married names, important dates, vows, words from a wedding song or other mementos from the wedding. Here, we have some favorite gifts that fit the themes and are meaningful to your first year together (plus a few that are just for fun).

One of the most exciting plans for dating anniversaries is the target shopping date. On the date, choose things for each other favorite drink, favorite snack, something they need, something that made you think of them, etc.). Come home together after a day of shopping, light some candles, lay out plenty of pillows and blankets, and get ready for a romantic movie night. Then open the “gifts” and see what the other chooses. Now, here’s a terrific 1st-anniversary celebration idea pretty much anyone can pull off. If your pretty lady leaves you at a loss for words, put your romantic thoughts on paper!

You can also go for one, huge comic book rose ($17) instead of the bouquet. Since anniversaries only happen once a year, you should take advantage of this occasion to do something fancy. Get dressed in your best clothes and go do something unique.

Consider ordering a portrait made of lace, or pick-up a bouquet of flowers or potted plant with a lace bow. This year is the perfect year to gift an experience. Register you and your partner for a pottery class and make your own gifts together. If you’d rather buy something, decorative bowls, mugs, and kitchen storage are all great places to start. For bronze, consider jewelry, chimes, or an engraved money clip. Six years of marriage is a true testament to your bond.